DC Update – March 2016


This past month we began the appropriations process by beginning with hearings with the heads of various departments and agencies.

I presided over a hearing with the head of the Customs and Border Patrol Agency. Border security is a top priority, and in the hearing this week I asked the Commissioner about their budget request, and asked that they provide me an update on their efforts to secure our border.

In other hearings, I heard from the leaders of the Army, Air Force, Navy and the Coast Guard on their framework for the next few years and what budgetary items that entails. As you may know, I am a huge proponent of our military, and believe we must do all we can to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful, especially as we continue to face growing global threats to our nation.

Additionally, I heard from the head of the DEA on their vision for the next few years and funding requirements. I also participated in hearings with the Defense Department on the future of the National Guard and our military health programs.

House Republicans continue to lead our nation in our counterterrorism tactics. In addition to numerous hearings, in the House we passed the Counterterrorism Screening and Assistance Act. This bill requires the President to submit a plan to Congress to coordinate with foreign partners on border security across the globe.

I truly believe combating terrorism must be the cornerstone of our government policies. This is the fight of our time, and Obama has failed time and time again in his foreign policies and we must do better and take the fight to the enemy, be vigilant, and not let down our guard. We will not, and cannot let these murderous thugs continue to wreak havoc across the world.



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