Democrats in Congress want to grow the size of government, and that means expanding Obamacare. Obamacare has already raised the costs of care for everyone. Don’t let the Democrats do it again!

A vote for me is a vote to protect and improve healthcare.

I promise that I will fight to keep Obamacare from expanding, and fight to ensure patients and doctors control their healthcare decisions – not insurance companies or bureaucrats. My plan:

• Lowers healthcare costs

• Improves access to care

• Provides more flexibility

• Protects those with pre-existing conditions

• Keeps the government bureaucrats out of medication decisions that should be between you and your doctor

I promise I won’t turn my back on our seniors. I will protect medicare and social security for current and future seniors.

I’m asking for your vote because we need to reject Liberals who want to buy this district for Nancy Pelosi and expand Obamacare.

I’m asking for your vote because we have an army of supporters who believe we need a conservative voice representing our values in Washington. That’s me. I’m a fighter. I’m your fighter in Congress.

Thank you for your vote and your support.