About John Carter

After graduating with a history degree from Texas Tech, and finishing his law degree from the University of Texas, John Carter decided to settle down in Central Texas for the exact same reasons as everyone else; great schools, low taxes and a safe community to raise his children. He never expected to be a U.S. Congressman, but after spending 21 years on the Williamson County District Court bench, and aptly earning the beloved nickname “Judge,” he thought that his Texas-style no-nonsense approach to the rule of law was sorely needed in Congress. 

In fact, the driving force behind his bid for Congress began on September 11, 2001. As Judge watched the towers fall, and saw his beloved nation in mourning, he prayed for guidance on how to serve his country. On the bench, Judge was known for bringing justice to those who threatened the safety of his community, and Judge thought that skill would be useful as the United States navigated a new enemy and sought safety once again. 

Judge was elected in 2002. His expertise on protecting the homeland, and his commitment to taking care of those who wear the uniform, and their families, meant he quickly established himself as a leader in Congress. He’s one of the few members who has written legislation signed into law by Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump.

Judge prides himself on being a great listener and skilled problem solver, which he believes is the key to representing Central Texans well. When constituents come to Judge with a problem, Judge Carter goes to work to solve it. One of Judge’s most meaningful bills signed into law was the Veterans Transplant Coverage Act, brought forth by a Leander constituent that was denied transplant coverage from the VA health care system. Now under Judge’s law, no veteran can ever be denied live-donor transplant coverage from the VA again. 

To Judge, Central Texas will always be home, that’s why he doesn’t live in Washington. Instead, he chooses to sleep on a pull-out couch in his office when he works in our nation’s capitol. Around town John still goes by “Judge,” but at home, he’s known as “grandpa” to his six grandbabies. Mrs. Carter and Judge met in Holland and have been married for 51 blissful years. They raised their four wonderful children on Christian beliefs and strong Texas values all in Round Rock, Texas. The Carter kids all stayed local for the same reasons as everyone; Central Texas is the greatest place on earth. 

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