Carter Statement on H.R. 1

(Washington, DC) – Congressman John Carter (TX-31) released the following statement after the House passed H.R. 1, the For the People Act.

“The “For the People Act” is anything but. Instead, it greatly expands the role of the federal government and skews the election system for Democrat political gain. The Democrats have messaged this legislation under the guise of reforming a broken system, but instead of working with both sides of the aisle to solve real issues, they’ve snuck in provisions to make it easier for Democrats to hold a majority. This legislation gives selected voters your taxpayer dollars to subsidize political candidates, makes the Federal Election Commission a partisan body, and fails to adequately protect elections against voter fraud. This legislation is not truly aimed at improving the security of elections or protecting Americans’ free speech, instead it is a partisan attempt to rig the system on behalf of Democrats.”

Key provisions in H.R. 1:

–          Changes the Federal Election Commission from a bipartisan 3-3 body, with 4 votes required to investigate or prosecute, to a partisan 3-2 body with only 3 votes necessary to investigate or prosecute. The new FEC will be chaired by an appointee by the President, which greatly increases the chances that decisions will be skewed towards the party in power.

–          Fails to criminalize fraudulent voter registrations with no adequate enforcement mechanisms to guard against fraud.

–          Creates a new voucher program that will allow voters from certain states to receive $25 in taxpayer money to donate to the political candidate of their choosing, funneling your hard-earned money into candidates’ pockets that you may not support.

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