Congressman Carter shares thoughts about Republican and Democratic nominees for president

U.S. Rep. John Carter (R-TX 31) shared his thoughts with News Channel 25 regarding the Republican and Democratic nominees for president on Wednesday afternoon.

During a scheduled interview, Carter said he supported the GOP candidate for president Donald Trump.

When asked about Trump’s proposal involving building a wall in the Southern border of the U.S., he said the term wall could be anything from a fence to something such as the Great Wall of China.

He said there are places where an obstruction to keep from people crossing the border is effective.

“We are all for legal immigration,” Carter said. “I’m opposed to illegal immigration, people who come in illegally, and part of it would be structures like a wall.”

He also mentioned he was disappointed when Sen. Ted Cruz did not endorse him during the Republican National Convention after during the primary process candidates promised to endorsed the nominee.

“I was very disappointed my Texas Senator didn’t keep his word because we are people who keep their word in this part of the world,” Carter said.

Carter said Clinton should be congratulated on being the first woman nominated for president, but he said there are many negatives associated with her, involving her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

“They said she didn’t seem to understand what was top secret and what wasn’t,” Carter said. “She was the number two person and probably the number one person on that issue. If she didn’t understand it then why would she want us to make her president of the United States who has to deal with everything he has is about top secret, so it concerns me a lot,” Carter said.

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