I passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that cut taxes for millions of Texas families and led to unprecedented job growth.

I recognize that the American way of life is at risk of being destroyed, which is why I will always support job-creating policies that grow our economy and get Texans back to work.

I will continue pushing for bold reforms to our tax code that expand economic opportunities and tax cuts for Texas families.

During COVID-19, I fought to pass the two trillion dollar emergency relief CARES Act, that provides checks for working Texans and forgivable loans to small business who do not lay off employees during the pandemic.

Your Republican House of Representatives have pushed 40+ jobs bills that:

• Provide tax relief for families and small businesses
• Reduce regulations on job creators
• Create a stable business environment to allow business and investor confidence to grow

The American way of life is on the ballot this November, and we cannot let the Democrats destroy economic opportunities for Texan families. If you agree, sign your name below >>>