I back the blue. Law enforcement officers have a tough job, and I consider it my duty to ensure they have the resources they need.

Throughout my time in Congress, I have secured over $3.5 million for local law enforcement agencies in TX-31. I’ve also authored legislation to create a grant program so that law enforcement officers have access to active shooter training at the ALERRT center in San Marcos, TX. This training teaches officers to neutralize a threat and save lives.

I also believe in the necessity of reforms to increase transparency, improve training in de-escalation, raise hiring standards, and empower good officers to act when they see another officer using excessive force.

Democrats would rather have police reform to campaign on than solve the problem, which is just another example of them putting politics before the country’s best interest. They are attempting to make law enforcement officials the enemy, I will stand beside our local police officers and first responders and fight any attempt to defund the police.

I Back the Blue. Do you?

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