Legislative Update

This past month in Washington has been busy.

The House passed the Financial CHOICE Act. This bill repeals many of the burdensome and costly regulations implemented under Dodd-Frank under President Obama.

This past month, President Trump released his Budget request for Fiscal Year 18 (FY18) which falls in line with our shared priorities of rebuilding our military, securing our border, and cutting the size of the federal government.

Congress is ultimately responsible for passing a budget. What the President proposes outlines his priorities, and Congress then takes his suggestions and develops the actual budget for the Federal government.

Congress is already working to develop the final budget and appropriations bills. In fact, I chaired a hearing on DHS appropriations, including the requests for Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Additionally, I held a hearing on the request by the United States Coast Guard. I have many more hearings scheduled in the coming days and weeks.

In the House, we passed a number of bills to combat human trafficking and child exploitation.
We also passed a number of bills that will support our Veterans and make improvements to the Veteran Affairs department. Additionally, the House passed regulatory relief legislation.

In recognition of Police Week, the House passed a number of bills to further protect and honor our law enforcement.

I also participated in a mark up for the Military Construction and VA appropriations bill. Additionally, we had a hearing on the Defense budget and the need to rebuild our military.

The House also passed a bill that allows Veterans continued access to tax credits and subsidies under the Republican American Healthcare Act.

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