Secure the Border

It’s obvious that our current immigration system needs reforms. We must create an immigration system that encourages legal immigration, while discouraging illegal immigration.

As a Member of Congress from Texas who is married to an immigrant, I believe we must provide a solution to create a sustainable system. Texas is on the front lines and has the most experience with this broken immigration issue. Texas shares the most miles with Mexico (1,241 miles out of 1,933 miles total). As Texans, we go to church together, our kids go to school together, and we shop at the grocery store together. However, we all must live under the rule of law, which is what our country was founded upon more than 200 years ago.

As I travel throughout Central Texas, my neighbors and I continue to talk about immigration in a different tone than the rest of the country or mass media. We believe we should: First, secure the border with additional Border Patrol and ICE Agents. We must build more infrastructure along the border to allow 100% situational awareness, and continue to invest in technology. Secondly, to grow our economy, we must meet the needs in the industries with workforce shortages (Hi-tech, agriculture, construction, restaurant, hospitality, etc.) so America continues to be a global leader. Lastly, we must implement E-verify on every employee in the country so we can ensure that taxes are paid.

Immigration is an emotional issue but we can fix the problem with logical and compassionate solutions. As Americans we can find a solution to secure our border, grow our economy, create jobs, address illegal activity and continue to be the most competitive and compassionate country in the world!

Already I have: 

  • Worked tirelessly with the Trump Administration to secure over $3 billion for the wall on the U.S. Mexico border.
  • Brought Texas-style solutions to border security. My bill, the Protection of Children Act, ensures that those who cross the border illegally are seen by an immigration judge within 14 days of arrival. 
  • Supported our Border Patrol Agents by securing additional funding for technology to help them do their job safely and efficiently.