Temple Mayor Tim Davis Endorses Congressman John Carter for Reelection

(Temple, TX)- Temple Mayor Tim Davis proudly announces his official endorsement of Congressman Carter’s reelection campaign, highlighting the congressman’s unwavering commitment to securing vital federal funding for Temple’s infrastructural developments and community initiatives.

Congressman Carter’s steadfast advocacy has resulted in a monumental $45 million in federal funding to bolster Temple’s growth and advancement. Notably, his initiatives have facilitated crucial improvements across multiple key areas in the Temple community. Those include:

1. Veterans Memorial Blvd Enhancement: This project enhances vehicular and pedestrian access to the VA Hospital, beautifying the corridor, and implementing enhanced drainage systems for improved safety.

2. Outer Loop Development: Spearheading the creation of a vital regional connection, bridging both ends of I-35 and ensuring enhanced connectivity.

3. Sanitary Sewer Reduction Program: Initiating funding to support Temple’s efforts in significantly reducing illicit discharges, reducing incidents from over 300 to less than 5 annually, contributing to environmental preservation and increased safety for Temple residents.

4. Regional Mobility Infrastructure Upgrades: Securing funds for critical improvements to I-35 and I-14 within Temple, elevating transportation efficiency and safety while also increasing capacity for further economic development.

5. Expansion of the Temple/Belton Wastewater Treatment Plant: The expansion of the plant was necessary to sustain the delivery of vital services as Temple continues its unprecedented growth.

Additionally, Congressman Carter’s unwavering advocacy for the military and their families remains a cornerstone of his tenure, showcasing his dedication to supporting those who serve our nation. Mayor Tim Davis expressed his firm belief in Congressman Carter’s ability to continue driving progress and positive change for Temple, emphasizing the pivotal role Carter plays in the city’s growth and prosperity.

“As Mayor of Temple, I wholeheartedly endorse Congressman Carter for reelection. His tireless efforts and remarkable accomplishments speak volumes about his dedication to our community’s welfare and growth,” Mayor Davis commented. “Congressman Carter’s commitment to securing vital funding for Temple has been instrumental in the improvement of our infrastructure and fostering a brighter future for our residents.”

With the endorsement from Mayor Tim Davis, Congressman Carter’s reelection campaign further solidifies his role as a pivotal figure in championing Temple’s progress and development.

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