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Find your Election Day Polling Location

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Election Day is March 5, 2024. If you reside in Texas’ 31st district, find your polling location below by clicking on your county:

Bell County

Bosque County

Burnet County

Coryell County

Hamilton County 

Williamson County


President of the National Border Patrol Council Says Congressman John Carter is the ONLY TX-31 Candidate Who Will Secure Our Border

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(Round Rock, TX) –National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd is endorsing Congressman John Carter for Congress in Texas’ 31st Congressional District.

“John Carter helped write the Secure Our Border Act, the strongest border security legislation we have ever seen. He is an incredible advocate for the safety of our Border Patrol Agents and works tirelessly to secure our border,” said Judd. “I’m proud to support him. We need more people like John Carter in Congress if we are ever going to get serious about securing our border.”

The National Border Patrol Council represents more than 17,000 Border Patrol Agents and support staff.

“I’m honored to receive the National Border Patrol Council’s endorsement. Securing our border is vital to the safety and security of our nation,” said Carter, who Chairs the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee in Congress. Carter continued, “The Biden Administration’s open border policies are allowing countless illegal immigrants across our border, emboldened the cartels, and made a mockery of law and order. The Secure the Border Act will finally build the wall, end catch and release, give our border patrol agents and law enforcement officers the resources they need, and end the flow of deadly fentanyl into Texas.”

Rep. John Carter represents the 31st district of Texas in the U.S. House. He has been a tireless advocate for his constituents, focusing on taking care of our service members, making sure our community is safe by supporting law enforcement, improving our economy, and securing our border.

President Donald Trump Endorses John Carter

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(Round Rock, TX)- President Donald Trump endorsed John Carter for reelection in Texas’ 31st district.

In a post on Truth Social, President Trump said, “Judge John Carter has been a tremendous Congressman for the incredible people of Texas’ 31st Congressional District.

“An America First Conservative, John is fighting to Secure our Borders, Defend our Second Amendment, and Uphold the Rule of Law.

“Strong on Jobs, Education, and Healthcare, John fights hard for our Brave Law Enforcement, Military and Veterans.

“Congressman John Carter is an original Member of my Texas Elected Leadership Team, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Temple Mayor Tim Davis Endorses Congressman John Carter for Reelection

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(Temple, TX)- Temple Mayor Tim Davis proudly announces his official endorsement of Congressman Carter’s reelection campaign, highlighting the congressman’s unwavering commitment to securing vital federal funding for Temple’s infrastructural developments and community initiatives.

Congressman Carter’s steadfast advocacy has resulted in a monumental $45 million in federal funding to bolster Temple’s growth and advancement. Notably, his initiatives have facilitated crucial improvements across multiple key areas in the Temple community. Those include:

1. Veterans Memorial Blvd Enhancement: This project enhances vehicular and pedestrian access to the VA Hospital, beautifying the corridor, and implementing enhanced drainage systems for improved safety.

2. Outer Loop Development: Spearheading the creation of a vital regional connection, bridging both ends of I-35 and ensuring enhanced connectivity.

3. Sanitary Sewer Reduction Program: Initiating funding to support Temple’s efforts in significantly reducing illicit discharges, reducing incidents from over 300 to less than 5 annually, contributing to environmental preservation and increased safety for Temple residents.

4. Regional Mobility Infrastructure Upgrades: Securing funds for critical improvements to I-35 and I-14 within Temple, elevating transportation efficiency and safety while also increasing capacity for further economic development.

5. Expansion of the Temple/Belton Wastewater Treatment Plant: The expansion of the plant was necessary to sustain the delivery of vital services as Temple continues its unprecedented growth.

Additionally, Congressman Carter’s unwavering advocacy for the military and their families remains a cornerstone of his tenure, showcasing his dedication to supporting those who serve our nation. Mayor Tim Davis expressed his firm belief in Congressman Carter’s ability to continue driving progress and positive change for Temple, emphasizing the pivotal role Carter plays in the city’s growth and prosperity.

“As Mayor of Temple, I wholeheartedly endorse Congressman Carter for reelection. His tireless efforts and remarkable accomplishments speak volumes about his dedication to our community’s welfare and growth,” Mayor Davis commented. “Congressman Carter’s commitment to securing vital funding for Temple has been instrumental in the improvement of our infrastructure and fostering a brighter future for our residents.”

With the endorsement from Mayor Tim Davis, Congressman Carter’s reelection campaign further solidifies his role as a pivotal figure in championing Temple’s progress and development.

John Carter Files for Re-election in Texas’ 31 Congressional District

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(Austin, TX) – John Carter (R-TX-31) filed for re-election in Texas’ 31st congressional district at the Republican Party of Texas headquarters over the weekend.

“Serving the patriotic people of my district in the United States Congress is an honor of a lifetime, and there’s still more work to do,” said Carter. “I’m energized to keep holding the Biden administration accountable through the power of the purse, get the Secure the Border Act that I co-wrote across the finish line, and cut government waste. Central Texans want results, and with my position as a conservative chairman in the House, member of the influential Steering Committee, and seniority in the Texas delegation, I’m delivering.

“In the first 11 months of this Congress alone, I’ve prevented taxpayers from footing the bill for gender reassignment surgeries, brought $200 million back to Texas military bases, zeroed out the budget for VA bureaucrats that lied to veterans, and secured over $22 million for Texas’ 31st district in the appropriations bills that have passed the House so far.

“I sincerely thank Central Texans for allowing me the opportunity to earn your vote and bring our Texas values to Washington. I’m not slowing down, and I’ll be wearing my boots out to earn every vote I can in March.”

John Carter Announces Bid for Reelection

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Georgetown, TX) – Today, Congressman John Carter (R-TX) announced he is running for reelection in Texas’ 31st district, encompassing Burnet, Bosque, Hamilton, and Coryell counties and parts of Bell and Williamson counties.

“Being the conservative voice for Texas’ 31st district is one of the greatest honors of my life. In the first eight months of the Republican Majority in Congress, I’ve worked with my colleagues to cut over 20% of wasteful Washington spending, wrote and passed the most conservative border security bill in decades, and stood in the way of Biden’s woke priorities at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Two weeks ago, I passed the first appropriations bill through the House and prevented taxpayers from footing the bill for sex changes and abortions, brought $200 million back to our Texas military bases, and used the power of the purse to increase accountability at the VA.

“We’ve seen a lot of success, and as a Texas conservative chairman in the House, I’m in the position to keep those conservative wins going. That’s why I’m kicking off my reelection campaign for Texas’ 31st district today.

“I want to thank central Texas for allowing me to continue fighting to bring more of Texas to Washington and keep Washington out of Texas. Your faith in me has allowed me to advocate on your behalf against the federal bureaucrats and return over $5 million to TX-31 taxpayers since January. Now is no time to slow down. It’s time to rely on experienced, proven leadership to build upon our conservative wins and stop Democrats in their tracks.”