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Ransom To Iran Puts Americans At Risk

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First, President Obama pushed through a disastrous Iran deal, and now it looks like a payoff to the rogue regime for the return of American hostages. The United States should not negotiate with kidnappers and supporters of terrorism. The President needs to better explain this outrageous sequence of events.

July Recap

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I’m fighting to bring more Texas to Washington and less Washington to Texas! As we move into autumn, I want to update you on my work as I represent central Texas in Congress. During the past seven months I have:

  • Passed and Authored H.R. 4584, the POLICE Act, which authorizes grant funding to train first responders to effectively deal with active shooter threats like we’ve seen at Fort Hood. This legislation was signed into law by the President on July 22, 2016.
  • Introduced the Veterans Transplant Coverage Act (H.R. 5734), which updates the Veteran Choice Program to ensure all veterans have access to live-donor organ transplants, regardless of whether or not the organ donor is a veteran.
  • Included language from my bill, H.R. 4537, the Resist Executive Amnesty on Defense Installations (READI) Act, in the FY2017 National Defense Authorization Act. This legislation will prohibit illegal aliens from being housed on military installations.
  • Supported appropriations bills that preserve Texans’ control over Texas waters as well as prohibit the IRS from targeting individuals for exercising their First Amendment rights. The House appropriations bills limit executive overreach and bureaucratic red tape that infringe on the rights of Americans and stifle economic growth.
  • Authored the FY2017 DHS Appropriations bill (H.R. 5634) which includes funding to increase border security, detain illegal immigrants, protect our critical networks from cyber-attacks, and provide TSA with resources to reduce wait times at our nation’s airports.

It is an honor to work for you in the U.S. House of Representatives. I thank you for your continued support!

Congressman Carter shares thoughts about Republican and Democratic nominees for president

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U.S. Rep. John Carter (R-TX 31) shared his thoughts with News Channel 25 regarding the Republican and Democratic nominees for president on Wednesday afternoon.

During a scheduled interview, Carter said he supported the GOP candidate for president Donald Trump.

When asked about Trump’s proposal involving building a wall in the Southern border of the U.S., he said the term wall could be anything from a fence to something such as the Great Wall of China.

He said there are places where an obstruction to keep from people crossing the border is effective.

“We are all for legal immigration,” Carter said. “I’m opposed to illegal immigration, people who come in illegally, and part of it would be structures like a wall.”

He also mentioned he was disappointed when Sen. Ted Cruz did not endorse him during the Republican National Convention after during the primary process candidates promised to endorsed the nominee.

“I was very disappointed my Texas Senator didn’t keep his word because we are people who keep their word in this part of the world,” Carter said.

Carter said Clinton should be congratulated on being the first woman nominated for president, but he said there are many negatives associated with her, involving her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

“They said she didn’t seem to understand what was top secret and what wasn’t,” Carter said. “She was the number two person and probably the number one person on that issue. If she didn’t understand it then why would she want us to make her president of the United States who has to deal with everything he has is about top secret, so it concerns me a lot,” Carter said.

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Today President Obama signed the ‎POLICE Act into law, helping to ensure our first responders are prepared in the case of an active shooter situation. Senator John Cornyn and I are proud of this legislation that helps keep our communities safe, and protects those who protect us. God bless our law enforcement!

Texas Delegation Breakfast at RNC Convention

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It was a privilege to speak with my fellow Texans & share some of our great state’s history at yesterday’s Texas Delegation Breakfast at the 2016 Republican National Convention!

$35.4 Billion Impact To Texas Economy

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Fort Hood, Texas brings billions of dollars into the Texas economy and is the largest single employer in the state. I am honored to represent The Great Place & the brave service men and women who serve there.

Don’t Reward Terrorists By Gutting Constitution

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During their recent sit-in on the House floor, Democrats used obstructionist methods, fear and chants of “No fly no buy” to try to strip the fundamental right of Americans to bear arms. While the commitment to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals is shared across party lines, we must steer clear of catchy slogans that don’t address the real challenges we face to keep our nation safe.

“No fly no buy” is sound-bite politics at its worst. House Democrats argue that if you’re on Uncle Sam’s Terrorist Screening Database, shouldn’t that be enough to prevent you from purchasing a firearm? Sounds reasonable when you first hear it. But dig a bit and you’ll see that it’s a troubling policy.

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POLICE Act Helps Expand Active-Shooter Training

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Yesterday, the #POLICE Act passed the House and Senate and is headed to the President to become law. This legislation will help ensure our law enforcement and emergency personnel are best prepared for active-shooter situations.

Leander Veteran Fighting For VA To Pay For Kidney Transplant

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It is unacceptable how the VA handled Mr. Nelson’s medical needs. That is why today, I introduced the Veterans Transplant Coverage Act which requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide organ transplants to Veterans from a live donor regardless of whether or not that donor is a veteran. Current VA policy excludes non-Veteran live donations from coverage under the VA Choice Program and forces Veterans to specific VA treatment facilities. My legislation directs the VA to provide the transplant operation for those veterans, in a VA facility or non-VA facility, regardless of the donor’s status. Fortunately, Mr. Nelson was finally able to receive his transplant, though with no help from the VA, and we all wish him a very speedy and healthy recovery.


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My POLICE Act, with the support of Senator John Cornyn, has passed both the House and the Senate and is on its way to the President for signature and to become law. This is a great win for our law enforcement departments, emergency responders and all of us who rely on them to keep us safe!